ISEC 2024 Plenary Speakers

Dr Marie Auger-Méthé

Department of Statistics, University of British Columbia, Canada

I am a statistical ecologist with a passion for polar and marine ecosystems. I love to tackle difficult problems and much of my work involves developing statistical tools that help answer challenging ecological and conservation questions.

Prof John Fieberg

Department of Fisheries, Widlife and Conservation Biology, University of Minnesota, USA

My research interests are broad, but generally involve the application of statistical and mathematical models to problems in ecology and natural resource management. Much of my recent work has focused on the analysis of wildlife telemetry data, with application to wildlife survival analysis, home range, and habitat selection modeling.

Prof Rachel McCrea

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lancaster University, England, UK

I have broad interests in developing new statistical methodology for real data problems. My areas of current research include statistical ecology, multiple systems estimation and illegal wildlife trade.

Dr Matthew Schofield

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Otago, NZ

My research involves the use of statistical modelling in various scientific disciplines with a focus on the use of Bayesian approaches. Recent application areas include ecology, environmental sciences, biomechanics, biological sciences and genetics.

Dr Elise F. Zipkin

Department of Integrative Biology, Michigan State University, USA

I aim to develop statistical models to unravel some of the world’s most alarming natural mysteries at the intersection of ecology, conservation biology, and the management of biodiversity. In my lab we study the status, trends and dynamics of populations and communities – insects, birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles, and mammals, to understand and predict how and why nature is changing, the consequences of those changes, and what, if any, action is recommended.